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 I am constantly blown away by the transmission and of wisdom on shakti and living life as a tantric dance with the divine and our humanity. I am so grateful for her guidance, wisdom, teachings, and support.
 Marian Taubinger

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Real Talk: How To Stand Up For What You Believe In

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Axioms of Grace is more than a podcast; it is a catalyzing transmission in service to your authentic passion, purpose, and place in the world. As your guide I invite you to join me on an inner journey of recalibration, remembrance, and revitalization. This transmission series is a guiding light for those on a path of authentic embodied realization.
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I am grateful for your podcast and the conversations you are sharing with the world! I have always been open to learning, growing and digging deep. Your course and podcast are the handrail to FEEL deep and I am incredibly grateful.

-Tisha Weber


“This podcast is my go-to for long drives, my morning runs, and my daily commute to the city. I can't get enough.”

- Katy

my giftS to you

In The Centre
Of Our Mandala

Axis Of Desire Meditation

As human beings we gain sense of who, what, and where we are through relationship. When we open our bodies and our experience to include more of the our interconnection with all life, spatially, elementally, and through time, we connect more to the synchronistic wholeness that supports our lives.

The following meditation is a very authentic way to start your day, seating yourself in the center of your experience in relation through your body to your world, and its most elemental ingredients. It can be a powerful reset when you feel thrown off balance by stress or life’s triggers.

The Axis of Desire meditation is a powerful attunement practice to start your day, or connect with through out your day when you feel you need to ground inwardly. The axis of desire is the union of love and power, desire and consciousness, human and transcendent. This is met and embodied in part through the relationship of our heart and hara.

The Axis of Desire locates our multi-dimensional being through our physical body, bringing more of our full spectrum capacity, creativity, and love into our human lives. When done consecutively over a period of several days, this can be a powerful anchoring and reset into a fuller engaged experience of reality.





These recordings carry the essence of my teachings and
also profound transmission.
The more you open yourself to receive and listen from beyond your mind, the more they
will spark a recognition of what is innately living within you. Enjoy!

Sarah hoskin


amanda PUA Walsh
 - founder of astrology hub

"Katherine has given me priceless tools and guidance, enabling me to hold space for thousands of people, channel the power of my emotions into creativity and insight, and even connect with my two young daughters in new and profound ways. I am forever grateful for her sharp perception and fearless dedication to helping me uncover the truth of who I am".

"Katherine invites me to connect with, embrace and love aspects of myself that had been hidden in the shadows yet at the same time, are core and essential for who I am becoming. Katherine's transmissions are deep and I have witnessed how expertly she meets every person she works with where they're at, open-heartedly and with fierce love. The Venus Portals is a profound body of work and map of feminine embodied liberation” 

"Katherine's  transmissions are deep and I have witnessed how expertly she meets every person she works with where they're at, open-heartedly and with fierce love.
My staying power has skyrocketed in the past year because of these moments of expansion, and I barely recognize myself. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect guide, coach, and soul friend on my feminine embodiment path."

amanda s
talent consultant