I have been teaching feminine embodiment for the last decade and a half through eastern spiritual science and western somatic and shadow integration.

The current phase of my work is focused on helping emerging female leaders define their work in the world in a way that supports the upliftment of humanity.

I appeal to women of all ages…33 to 78…mothers, grandmothers, entrepreneurs, therapists, and those who have the courage to listen to their own inner voice and boldly act on it. The esoteric wisdom integrated into the alchemical process I facilitate brings healing, clarification of peoples gifts and purpose, and a more stabilized experience of life in connection to their transcendent nature. In short, the work anchors people into the unshakeable ground of simply being who they are.

This happens through a thorough alchemical process that safely activates a woman's individual potential. 

Through refining her shakti or sexual energy in service to her true expression (through tantric practices), a woman’s sexual circuitry and sexual energy hold both the intelligence and the power for her healing, purpose, and realization. Her individual potential is expressed through embodying this life force thoroughly and expressing it through her gifts and passions into the world in the form of her service. This is a spiritual embodiment pathway in service to engaged service in the world.

As a living expression of beauty and truth, timeless wisdom, and integrated love and power, it is my calling to activate radical wholeness and full human potential in leaders and awakening souls to further their embodied realization and emergence as evolutionary catalysts, expressing their soul’s purpose in service to elevating humanity’s evolutionary fulfillment.

"Fifteen years ago, I lay legs wide open under a full moon. grounded in soft sand, half submerged in a warm water tide pool off the coast of the most remote island chain in the world, and gave birth to my daughter.

I was reborn into a remembrance of awakening through the womb.
 This timeless moment would re-calibrate the trajectory of my life, forever.
It was this experience that initiated me into a remembrance of the feminine path of awakening.

 Since then, I have traversed, embodied, and taught the many aspects of soulful and sexual embodiment in connection with personal evolution, conscious conception, and new paradigm birthing." 

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My purpose


I have devoted my life to forging, refining and sharing a modern pathway for women to attain and embody their unique realization through the timeless wisdom borne from within their own body.

When a woman accesses her unique codes of love-power-wisdom through this path, she becomes a living blessing to herself, her loved ones and all whom she serves.

I facilitate a woman’s wholing, individuation and manifesting her passionate purpose in support of humanity’s Great Shift. For almost two decades, I have guided hundreds of women into the deepest levels of true soul embodiment.

More about my journey..

My earliest memories of this life were seeded by the Elemental world.

My mother, the healer, was a pioneer in the return of the wisdom of Natural Medicine. She inspired me to be courageous with my own journey and calling. My father, the artist, invited me into the world of meditation and myth. He guided me to be open-minded and curious about this wonderous world and universe.
Growing up I felt “at home” in the wilderness.

Many summers were spent with my grandmother immersed in the magic of nature. While camping in Alaska we would explore her mysteries observing the Grizzly bears of Alaska. Here, I began to remember an innate connection to all of Life. Over time I developed a harmonious, devotional, and powerful way of communing. Martial arts training along with Buddhist studies and meditation practice brought me deeper into this way of Being.

I invited others to re-discover, to re-connect with their natural world. For 10 years as an international wilderness guide, I was witness to the powerful, transformative healing power of mother nature. As a “vision quest” facilitator, my intuitive skills honed my capacity to guide others on their own internal and external odysseys. It was a gift to witness my student’s courage to self-empower and heal their addictions, their traumas and more deeply connect with their soul identity.


Certified as a Rolfer, Cranial Sacral Therapist, and Anusara Yoga Instructor, I ran a successful private practice for 15 years. I gained a depth of understanding of the body as a doorway into the emotional map of the soul. My clients were able to release deep conditioning patterns and awaken a more authentic Self-awareness.


Desiring to journey deeper, I immersed myself in a Zen monastery and spent the next few years cultivating focus, presence, and mindfulness. Later, I immersed deeply with a Vajrayana Lama for two years. This intensive ‘retreat’ time enabled an activation of consciousness through Elemental Harmony.

 inevitable transformation

leaving the mountain

In 2009, I gave birth to my daughter in a tide pool off the coast of Big Island, Hawai’i. This was my initiation into the remembrance of the feminine path of awakening through the womb. This event inspired many women to come to Hawaii to pursue ocean birthing as it had been done for millennia. In 2014, during the pregnancy and birth of my son, I experienced additional ancient practices that refined my relationship with birthing in a more conscious and connected way. This allowed me to expand my tools to guide both women and men to unlock their own innate design to birth a child, a project, or a new paradigm of living.

Living this work for decades…transformation was inevitable.
I live, love, and guide others into their own radial wholeness and purpose through international virtual containers and in-person group and personal retreats.

My most recent body of work, is utilizing the alchemical intelligence of the Venus Portals  circuitry to birth emerging female leaders into their manifested purpose. 

Katherine Z


It is my greatest joy to witness others claim a life of embodied living and loving.

If you are someone who seeks the vastness of our human being-ness that IS

our divine intelligence I would love to meet you and share

my purpose, my passion, my love… with you.

Sarah hoskin


amanda PUA Walsh
 - founder of astrology hub

"Katherine has given me priceless tools and guidance, enabling me to hold space for thousands of people, channel the power of my emotions into creativity and insight, and even connect with my two young daughters in new and profound ways. I am forever grateful for her sharp perception and fearless dedication to helping me uncover the truth of who I am".

"Katherine invites me to connect with, embrace and love aspects of myself that had been hidden in the shadows yet at the same time, are core and essential for who I am becoming. Katherine's transmissions are deep and I have witnessed how expertly she meets every person she works with where they're at, open-heartedly and with fierce love. The Venus Portals is a profound body of work and map of feminine embodied liberation” 

"Katherine's  transmissions are deep and I have witnessed how expertly she meets every person she works with where they're at, open-heartedly and with fierce love.
My staying power has skyrocketed in the past year because of these moments of expansion, and I barely recognize myself. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect guide, coach, and soul friend on my feminine embodiment path."

amanda s
talent consultant