Time: 20:00 CET, 12pm PT,
6am AEDT
Where: on Zoom 30 minutes
Cost: 23€ a month

new moon circle

This circle is a potent alignment of body, soul, and our cosmic counterparts in support of aligning life with our authentic intentions. 

When we are in the darkness of a full moon, there is a deep and felt sense of connection, an experience of solar and lunar union. It is the time when the physical and emotional body can rest and reset in the womb of our essence. Here we can have clarity and recognition of our deepest desires on a soul level. As we feel these desires and set intentions from this deep remembrance, we re-support the trajectory of our life with our innate design.

Join me for the next new moon to reset, recalibrate, and redirect your intentions toward that which you most deeply value and hold true. This ancient ritual reminds us of our inherent inclusion in the tantric dance of these celestial bodies, and how we are supported both above and below in becoming more of who we innately are. 

This heartfelt offering is a way to stay connected and supported by facilitated sacred space and the depth of this incredible community. This circle is open to women new to the work and those deeply steeped and seasoned.

My online circle for remembering our innate inclusion in the cosmic dance that supports our becoming who we are.

We gather to align, clarify, and cast intentions for the next cycle, both as individuals
and as a collective.

The rhythms of the sun and the moon have always been deeply informing us beneath the level of surface society. Their knowing holds the secret to the innate design of our human existence.
This is the intention and capacity of this circle. A time to come together, drop into our innate interconnectedness through our bodies, through the earth, align and cast our intentions for the next cycle.
Honoring this ancient ritual reminds us of our inherent inclusion in the tantric dance of these celestial bodies and the blessing of their coming together and moving apart. Here, we feel included in the synchronistic support of our deepest desires unfolding as the perfection of our lives.
This is a wonderful way to join our community and feel the powerof this work and how it may support you in your life through inspiration, connection, transformation, and realization.​

 “Katherine’s moon circles are such a deep reset for me each month. They are an opportunity to get underneath the business of my life, and remember the deeper the patterns of meaning and blessing that are always supporting me. My life is more rich with these short but deep virtual circles with Katherine.”

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