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To receive the most out of this activation series it is suggested to listen to one call a week, and continue to work with the accompanying meditation every day that week, before moving on to the next activation and practice.

Each recording in the series is around an hour and provides a deep space beyond the mind and an alignment with the truth of your being.

You will receive a zip file with the 3 Activation Calls plus a PDF with pictures of the mudras mentioned in the calls so you can use them to further support your experience.

I've done many courses on Manifestation and Abundance. This Abundance Activation is by far the most potent one I've experienced. Katherine knows how to guide us into accessing our innate abundance from deep within. My life started reflecting my activated self straight away. On the same day I received notice from my landlady to move houses, I found my new home; and clients started to appear so I could pay for all the move expenses. I've started attracting people on the dating world more aligned with my present self. -
This is powerful! I highly recommend it! C R

HOW TO USE THESE activationS


Abundance is our birthright.

It is what we feel on every level of our being, physical, emotional, and spiritual when we are open and engaged with life. When we are moving through periods of lack, we are asked to delve into the deeper subconscious pockets where we still hold emotions and beliefs around separation and fear. This is most honestly found through the body’s electromagnetic circuitry.

In this powerful Activation Series, you receive teachings and practices that support this gentle and profound opening in your body and soul, allowing more vitality and life force to flow through you and all areas of your life.

This is one of the most effective means of entering our deeply held stories and stances around lack. This series has helped countless people open to more abundance in their life, on all forms. I trust it will do the same for you.